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Become Friends with Food

Registered Dietitian

Cook & Eater 

About Me

Hello! I'm Olivia, I'm a Registered Dietitian and cooking instructor in Toronto. If you're here, you might have some questions or challenges with digestive health or life without diet culture. I can help! I help my clients feel more confident in the kitchen, both in their food choices and culinary skills. No matter your goals, my practice is rooted in using a non-diet approach to help you
become friends with food.

Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

Let's Eat

Olivia slicing tomatoes

Areas of Expertise

  • Celiac disease, IBS, bloating, acid reflux and GERD

  • Disordered eating and difficult relationships with food

  • Mood-based disorders

  • Vegan and vegetarian diets

  • Meal planning, meal prepping, and cooking skills

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Are you Struggling With...

  • Managing your IBS symptoms and triggers?

  • Food eliminations?

  • Your complicated relationship to food?

  • Bringing pleasure and enjoyment back into the kitchen?

  • Leaving diet culture behind?

  • Meal planning?


             I can help

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