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Olivia Cupido,

Helping you become friends with food


Hello! I'm Olivia Cupido and I am a registered dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. I work with clients like you to foster healthier relationships with food, whether you're navigating a chronic health condition, juggling gut health triggers, or recovering from disordered eating. My goal is to bring pleasure and enjoyment back into the kitchen without guilt, shame or rules.

After growing up in the kitchen, it remains my favourite place to be. Whether I'm enjoying a quiet meal alone or cooking up a feast to entertain family and friends, this is my happy place. I teach cooking classes to inspire budding cooks and expert chefs alike to gain confidence in the kitchen.

Since completing both my undergraduate degree and Master of Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University, I have worked in writing, recipe development, research, a fast paced interdiscplinary clinic and of course here with my own clients at OG Nutrition.

I believe that eating is about more than just the food itself; it’s about connection, culture, enjoyment and self-care. My philosophy is rooted in Health at Every Size and the non-diet approach. Whether you have a chronic illness, allergy, intolerance, or complicated relationship with food, I am committed to helping you navigate the world of food and nutrition in a way that works for you.

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