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Corporate Offerings

It's time to upgrade your workplace wellness programs. Let OG Nutrition bring the educational and engaging content you and your team need.


Nutrition and Cooking Webinars

What better way to connect than over food? Get out of your comfort zone and out of the office and join me in the kitchen. In these virtual events, we're getting right to the nutrition information you and your team care about most.

Choose your method:

1) Webinar

2) Webinar + Cooking demo

3) Webinar + Interactive cooking class

Choose your topic: 

1) Nutrition and Mental Wellness: Did you know our eating can support our mental health, just as our mental health can influence our eating? Let's explore those foods and patterns that can help you feel your best from the inside out.

2) Meal Prep and Desk Lunches: If you're tired of eating out and ready to get organized in the kitchen, then it's time to talk meal prep. I'll share my favourite ways to upgrade sad desk lunches to those that are nourishing, satiating and delicious.

3) Myth Busters: Do you and your team have burning nutrition questions you'd love to get to the bottom of? Let's discuss the latest topics and trends in nutrition media and give you and your team the tools to separate from fact from fiction once and for all.

Interested in something specific that you don't see here? Contact me and we can create something special for your organization.

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